Can Cricut Cut the Fabric used for Quilting?

Want to cut shapes and designs according to their imagination with minimal effort?

Guess what?

Die cutters are a boon for people who want to automate the cutting process and make their lives easier. These machines can cut any shape which you want with ease.

Now the question arises, can the Cricut maker machine cut the Fabric for the quilting process? Can this die cutter machine, which is regarded as the best die cutter machine in the market, do this challenging job?

Sewing enthusiasts like us are always looking for a wide range of fabrics that we can use to Quilt. Many options are present in the market ranging from polycotton to Quilter’s Weight Cotton.

Before moving towards the answer, we need to remember that cutting Fabric is challenging for many die-cutting machines. These fabric clothes must remain intact without shrinking and damaging in the process.

Let’s deep dive and find the answer.

Can you cut Fabric using the Cricut Machine?

The answer to this question is Yes! We can cut fiber for the quilting process using this machine. Cricut maker is one of the best die-cutting machines in the market, known for its quality and precision.

Unlike other die-cutting machines in the market, which require additional tools for cutting Fabric, the Cricut maker machines don’t have this drawback. This machine scores extra points due to its ability to work without other tools.

Cricut maker machines don’t require an additional stabilizer like heat and bond ironed to back. Other types of die-cutting machines needed different tools and equipment to cut Fabric. 

What are the different types of Fabrics used in Quilting?

As we all know, the quilting process uses different types of fabrics. We need to keep in mind that the Cricut machine should effortlessly work on different kinds of materials.

There are many types of fabrics used in Quilting. Some materials are more accessible to cut than others, and some can be used for multiple applications.

Some popular fabrics used in Quilting are:

  • -Canvas or Heavyweight Cotton Fabric
  • -Quilter’s Weight Cotton
  • -Wool Felt
  • -Heavyweight Linen
  • Polyester

These all are different kinds of fabrics used in the quilting process. Unlike other die cutter machines, the Cricut maker machine can quickly work on them. Hence you can cut out shapes according to your requirement easily.

What is Cricut, and how to use it to cut Fabric?

Cricut is a device that cuts Fabric. It’s one of the most popular devices for cutting quilting fabrics. Cricut is a type of die cutter which gets its command from CAD software. You can feed design to it, and it will cut the fabric according to your requirement.

There are many die cutters in the market. Still, the Cricut maker machine is the most famous among them, thanks to its unique Rotary-cutter tool part of the unique Adaptive Tool system.

There are multiple types of cutting pens and tools included with the machine. With the help of these tools, you can cut whatever shape you desire with ease. Just fit the cutter in the rotary tool, and you are good to go.

To cut Fabric, you first need to feed the required design into the machine via computer. The Cricut maker machine comes with free CAD software, which can design shapes and textures according to your requirement.

The machine will then start cutting the Fabric according to its design. Its unique rotary tool will cut the Fabric without any additional supporting device. It will waste a minimum of Fabric in the process.

Why is Cricut best for Cutting fabric for Quilting?

Cricut maker machine is the most beloved die cutter in the market. Most die cutters in the market require a specific die to cut a particular shape. Due to this, you need to buy multiple separate dies for every profile.

Cricut machine is different in this sense. Thanks to its adaptive cutting system, you can add other blades and pens inside the cutting method, then cut any shape you want.

For Quilting, we required blocks of different shapes and sizes. The Cricut machine system comes with preloaded profiles, which can be used for Quilting. Or, If you want something different, you can design your shape using its easy-to-use software.

There are many free designs available. You can purchase individual plans or sign-up for membership for unlimited access to the entire library. It will make your work easier and less time-consuming.

There are hundreds of pre-designed options, including 31 different Quilt Patterns with pre-programmed shapes ready to cut.

Limitation of Cricut Maker for Quilting

With all its advantages, there are a few disadvantages of the Cricut machine. Just like every coin has two sides, the Cricut maker machine also has two sides of the coin.

Let’s discuss the disadvantages as well,

I. Cost

The machine ain’t cheap. The basic model of the device will cost you $399, which is not a small amount. You will get a light grip mat, a fabric mat, a rotary cutter blade, and a knife blade for this amount. If you want more tools and equipment, be ready to shell out more money from your pocket.

II. Cutting Limitation and Cutting Space

Your cutting limit is 12 inches wide Fabric only. Not only that, but it also cannot cut multiple layers at a time. Many people can cut square and rectangle shapes more quickly using traditional cutting methods.

However, it would be best to keep in mind that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages by a large proportion. If you can spend a good amount, you will truly get an excellent machine for all your cutting.


So, at last, we can conclude that the Cricut maker machine can easily cut fabrics for Quilting. Unlike other die-cutting machines, which require additional tools and dies for each new shape, the Cricut maker machine scores a point here in terms of ease to use. 

Although these machines are somewhat costly, it doesn’t mean that they are overpriced. You will get a device that can cut any shape you want with its advanced rotary cutting tool for such a price.

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