Can I Embroider With a Sewing Machine? Embroidery Guide

Are you getting started with using a sewing machine and want to make beautiful embroidery with it? Are you wondering if you could embroider with your regular sewing machine or not? Well, you definitely can.

If you love experimenting with different embroidery patterns but find it tedious doing it with hand sewing, a machine can be your saviour. Making beautiful patterns with your regular sewing machine is totally possible, and you don’t have to break your pockets by investing in a new fancy sewing machine.

Can I Embroider With a Sewing Machine In 2022

Are you getting started with using a sewing machine and want to make beautiful embroidery with it? Are you wondering if you could embroider with your regular sewing machine or not? Well, you definitely can.

If you are new at embroidering with a sewing machine and wondering how to do so, you are at the right place. In this guide, you will find details about using the sewing machine to make embroideries.

That’s not it; you will find details of using the sewing machine for embroideries, the tools you will need, and the like. Keep reading!

Tools You Need To Embroider With a Sewing Machine

Here is a list of the tools you will need to start embroidering with your sewing machine:

  • A sewing machine
  • Embroidery needle
  • Threads
  • Embroidery hoops
  • Tape
  • Fabric

Embroidery needles are made explicitly for embroidery work. You can get these needles in different sizes, depending on your thread. The biggest needles are for the thickest threads, and the smallest is for the thinnest threads. When selecting your needle, make sure you pick one that’s appropriate for your thread.

You will also need embroidery hoops. These are used to keep your fabric taut while you’re sewing. You can also use masking tape to hold your fabric in place.

And lastly, you will need fabric! For embroidery, you should use natural-fibre fabrics because they are easier to sew through. You should also choose a fabric that has a high thread count; that way, the fabric won’t fray when it’s cut.

Is There Any Need For a Special Needle For Embroidery?

Yes, there is a need for a special needle for embroidery. You’ve to invest in an embroidery needle with a sharp, narrow point. The best embroidery needles are sharp enough to penetrate through the fabrics easily.

This will help you pierce your threads and pull them through the fabric to create beautiful patterns with your sewing machine. Hence, it’s important to choose needles that are compatible with your sewing machine.

If you’re looking for the best embroidery needles for your sewing machine, try Schmetz needles. These are one of the most popular brands in the market. They are easily accessible and are available in most craft stores.

Schmetz needles are made from high-quality steel and come in various sizes and shapes. They also offer a wide range of threading capacities, which makes them perfect for any kind of sewing project.

If you want to pierce and pull your threads to make beautiful patterns with your sewing machine, make sure you invest in Schmetz needles.

List of Type of Thread Required for Embroidery

There is a type of thread that requires the needle to be moved in a different direction for each stitch. This type of thread is called ‘wrapping thread’ and is most commonly used in hand embroidery.

Most sewing machines come with a little toolbox that has a few spools of thread in it, and one or two of them will be wrapping thread. If you’ve never seen a wrapping thread before and don’t know what it looks like, you can find it with a quick search on Google images.

 If you’re not sure what type of thread to use for your embroidery, just try wrapping thread. If you do not like the look of the stitching, you can always undo the stitches and try a different type of thread.

Tips for machine embroidery

Machine embroidery is a great way to make beautiful patterns. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. Also, breaking your pockets on a new sewing machine is not necessary.

If you are taking your initial steps with the sewing machine, it’s natural to feel intimidated by machine embroidery. But do not let the thought of it scare you. Machine embroidery doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you learn how to use the sewing machine for embroideries:

– Test the stitching on a scrap of fabric before starting with your project

– Use a presser foot that is designed for free-motion work

– Use cotton thread or cotton embroidery yarn

– Experiment with different types of designs and stitches

– Practice, practice, practice!

Step by Step Guide to Embroider With a Sewing Machine

Follow these steps to learn how you can embroider with a sewing machine 

I. Draw the layout

You can’t straightway jump onto embroidering. First and foremost, you’ll need a model or layout, so arrange that first—a printed template for the customized sketch can do the job for you. You can also straightway draw the model on the fabric. Select the procedure that suits you best to start embroidering. 

II. Gather all the tools

Collect all the tools or accessories like needles, threads, fabrics, scissors, etc., before starting working.

These are the basic tools, and according to your needs, you can add additional accessories like embroidery hoops, free-motion foot, embroidery threads, and the like. 

III. Shortlist a template

The third step is to shortlist the template. Based on the design you like, choose one. Then choose the right place to embroider and place the template there. Secure the template with pins, and make sure to leave a gap between the spot you want to embroider and the pins. 

IV. Stitching

After arranging all the elements and preparing the fabric for the embroidery, it’s time to stitch. For the creative patterns, you should go for zig-zag stitching, and for the filling, you should go for straight stitching. 

V. Move the needle the right way

One of the typical problems people face with machine embroidery is that the fabric gets tucked a lot. To avoid this problem, you should move the needle swiftly in tightly spaced areas. This will ensure smooth stitching without the fabric getting tucked in a lot. 

VI. Conceal the stitches

After you are done with the embroidery, you have to be careful with the ends. You can conceal the embroidery either with double knots or backstitching. Either way, make sure you hide the ends well to give the perfect finish to your machine embroidery. 


That was all about making embroideries with a sewing machine. Embroidery making is quite a fascinating thing to adopt as your hobby or as a profession. If you want to pursue embroidery as a profession or as a hobby, you don’t necessarily have to invest in a new sewing machine. 

With some patience, practice, and skill, you will be able to make beautiful embroidery patterns with a regular sewing machine. Hopefully, reading this guide will help you learn more about embroidering with your sewing machine.

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