Can I Use Metal Bobbins In My Brother Sewing Machine?

Can Metal bobbins be used in place of a plastic bobbin in a Brother Sewing machine?

Well, it is a very common query among people. Most of us are often confused between using either metal bobbins or plastic bobbins as they can be fitted quite easily into holders.

In this article, we are going to take a look at whether we can use metal bobbins in Brother sewing machines or not. We will also look at the possibility of interchanging metal and plastic bobbins in machines.

We all are well aware of how famous Brother sewing machines are. These machines are best for both beginners as well as for experts.

Before delving any further into the article, we should remember that each sewing machine should be operated according to the instructions and specifications provided by the manufacturer. 

Let’s get a better understanding of how to use the correct bobbins type into Brother Sewing.

Can we Use Metal Bobbins in our Brother Sewing Machine?

Most of the sewing machines that are available in the market today come with either metal or plastic bobbins. The type of bobbin that is being used in your machine will depend on the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

In the case of Brother sewing machines, for some models, we cannot use metal bobbins in place of plastic bobbins as some brother sewing machines use plastic bobbins instead of metal bobbins.

If the machine is designed for plastic bobbins, then we must not use metal bobbins in its place, no matter how perfectly it fits. You should always check machine specifications to get an idea about the type of bobbin you should use.

If the machine uses a metal bobbin then you should only use metal bobbin as interchanging bobbins will affect the machine precision and it will damage your machine in the long run.

Why is Plastic Bobbin used in Brother Sewing Machines?

As we all know, plastic is more flexible than metal. Plastic is also more durable than metal.

When it comes to Brother sewing machines, the bobbins sold with these machines are made of plastic. These bobbins are used in most of the Brother sewing machines as they are more flexible and durable. Their size is also smaller so that they can fit easily into holders in the machine.

Plastic bobbins are also cheaper to produce and thus less expensive for us to buy.

Metal Bobbins vs Plastic Bobbins

Metal bobbins are heavier and can hold more thread than plastic bobbins. However, a metal bobbin will have a much bigger footprint than any of the other types of bobbins.

In contrast, plastic bobbins are lightweight and smaller in size. They also won’t take up much space because they can be placed into holders of smaller diameters.

If you are looking to save on space and weight, then metal bobbins would be your best bet as they do not require much space and weight comparatively as compared to plastic bobbins.

But if you are looking for something more affordable and small then you should go for a plastic bobbin.

Can we Interchange Metal and Plastic Bobbins?

No, we can not interchange metal and plastic bobbins. We cannot change the type of bobbins in a Brother sewing machine without damaging the machine. In some cases, the machine will stop working entirely if you try to use a different type of bobbins.

A common mistake that many people make is using the wrong bobbin in their sewing machine. It’s essential that you use only one type of bobbin so that your sewing project comes out well.

If you have a plastic bobbin and it is empty but you need to sew something thicker than a piece of string, then you can insert a metal bobbin into the machine. 

However, if your needle is jammed with thick material and needs to be removed from the material, then it will require taking out the entire unit from your machine and disassembling it for repairs or changes are made to your machine itself.

You should always check the machine specification to know about the type of bobbin you can use inside the machine as failing to do so will damage the machine.

What if you Use a Metal Bobbin Instead of Plastic?

If you are looking to use a metal bobbin, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your machine is suitable for this type of bobbin.

There are some models of Brother sewing machines that have the option of using metal bobbins, but others have been designed only for use with plastic ones.

In order to use metal bobbins in a machine not intended for them, it’s going to be necessary to replace the entire frame which includes the upper and lower feed dogs as well. Also, the needle plate should be replaced too.

If you use a metal bobbin in a plastic bobbin case then your bobbin case will wear out quickly and damage your machine. This will cost you money and affect your sewing product too.

Final Words

Brother Sewing machines are best for beginners as well as experts. These machines are the perfect match for all your sewing needs.

Metal bobbins can be used in place of plastic bobbins, but they should always be operated according to the instructions and specifications provided by the manufacturer.

Never interchange bobbins without reading the instructions and specifications provided by the manufacturer.

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