Can You Use Poly Cotton for Quilting?

Quilting is one of the most interesting hobbies one can have. The products formed from quilting are immensely beautiful. And as beautiful as the product is, the process is equally fascinating.

In this wonderful activity of quilting, many small factors play a huge role, such as the technique, the theme, and the fabric. Talking about the fabric becomes one of the most essential factors to choosing the right fabric. 

There are hundreds of materials that one can use for quilting. And as we all know, cotton is an absolutely natural material. And on the other hand, polyester is a synthetic material. New, the blend between these materials gives us polycotton.

What is Polycotton?

Polycotton is a natural cotton-polyester blend. It’s an eco-friendly material. And it finds its use in numerous applications, including clothing and home décor.

The process through which this wonderful material comes is the same as that of the traditional quilting cotton fabrics. Although, there lies one small difference. It is that the polyester replaces some of the cotton fibers. This makes it softer and more durable. The result? A beautiful and comfortable product that you can use for any purpose.

Can We use Polycotton for Quilting?

When it comes to quilting material, the fabric should be durable and of course, pleasing to the eye. It should also be able to hold its shape and resist shrinking and wrinkling when it’s being washed. With all these things in mind, cotton is a perfect choice for quilting fabric.

Polyester is a synthetic material that is used to make textiles from wool, rayon, and nylon. Polyester fibers are spun together with cotton fibers to create fabrics like twill or broadcloth.

In this case, polycotton has been created by combining both of these materials in an effort to give the benefits of both fabrics:

  • Cotton has benefits such as softness and durability
  • Polyester has benefits such as strength and wrinkle resistance

How is Poly-cotton Beneficial for Quilting?

Poly-cotton is a fabric that is made from cotton and polyester. Cotton, the natural material, gives it a soft touch. Polyester gives the fabric strength, durability, and warmth.

Poly-cotton is advantageous because it has the great qualities that both materials have to offer. It gives us a unique blend of the softness of cotton and the toughness of polyester, making it ideal for quilting as well as other textile needs. A greater challenge would be to find a combination that can provide all of these qualities without compromising one over another.

This wonderful blend allows people to enjoy the benefits of both materials without experiencing any drawbacks (like inferiority in quality) or side effects (like allergies).

What other Materials can we Blend for Quilting?

One of the materials that are often used in quilting is cotton. There are substantial reasons for cotton being so popular in quilting. It is an organic material. It is highly blendable with other materials like Polyester to create a new material called Polycotton.

And as you know, polyester is a synthetic fabric. The term “poly” means there are many types of them and they have different properties. The main difference between these materials is their durability and texture.

Cotton feels soft and natural while polyester feels tougher and stiffer. However, through quilting, we can make cotton feel soft again by adding more thread or taking away some thread to enhance its texture of it. This gives us this amazing material called polycotton which has all the characteristics of both cotton and polyester which makes it an ultimate choice for quilters because this gives them a unique blend that meets their needs for any project or goal.


Quilters are always looking for new and innovative ways to create their work of art. Poly-cotton is a type of cotton that is a blend of traditional cotton and polyester. This is an excellent option for quilts that need more durability and can be used in any project.

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