Tisp on How To Pull Up Bobbin Thread When Quilting

Most of us have this question in the back of our minds if we are beginners in quilting. We often think about how we pull up bobbin thread when quilting. 

Some beginner quilters can become overwhelmed due to this procedure. But we do not need to be scared of this procedure. We will teach you the correct method. 

The method is somewhat easy in terms of theory and a bit challenging in practicality. We will provide you with different tips and tricks that you can follow to complete the task.

However, you need some practice to follow the given procedure correctly. You want to make sure that your quilt quality remains intact. If you couldn’t pull up your bobbin thread perfectly, then your quilt quality can suffer.

Today, we will learn about the correct procedure for pulling up the bobbin thread. The method is not challenging. However, you need a little bit of practice to perform it correctly.

Let’s start. It’s time for some quilting. 

What is the use of Bobbin Thread in Quilting?

Bobbin thread is reasonably necessary for machine quilting. Without bobbin thread, machine quilting cannot be performed. However, in the case of hand quilting, the bobbin thread is not needed at all.

We all are well aware of how machine quilting processes work. Machine quilting requires two types of threads to perform quilting. One thread is used inside the stitching needle, and another is in the bobbin.

Needle thread penetrates the fabrics, whereas bobbin thread makes stitch locks. The needle thread cannot make a stitch lock without the bobbin thread. Due to this, the whole procedure of stitching becomes useless. 

So you can see how vital a bobbin thread is for machine quilting. In the absence of bobbin thread, no stitching will take place. The needle will create holes inside the quilt without any stitching at all.

Why do we Need to Pull up the Bobbin Thread when Quilting?

We already discussed the need for bobbin thread in the quilting machine. We know how important it is for machine quilting. A new question arises: Why do we need to pull up bobbin thread when quilting? 

We need to understand a few aspects before moving towards the answer. We know that bobbin thread is necessary for creating a stitch lock. But sometimes, stitch locks can create problems for us.

Bringing the bobbin thread to the quilt surface will avoid thread nesting and thread tangling. It happens on the backside of the quilt. 

If you do not pull the bobbin thread above the quilt, then it will come your way when you quilt. Failure to do so will create a thread nest, which you need to untangle afterwards. It will not be going to be easy for sure.

So now we know the correct reason for pulling up the bobbin thread above the quilt top. By doing so, you will save your valuable time for sure. It will require little practice, but you will learn it quickly.

How to Pull up the Bobbin Thread while Quilting?

Now it’s time to learn the correct method of pulling up bobbin thread while quilting. Let’s look at these steps and try to practice them as much as possible. With time and patience, you will become perfect in this.

Step 1Put your quilt sandwich under the presser foot. Then line up your needle where you want to begin quilting. 

Step 2– Now, take a hold of the end of the needle thread. We need to do this so that the thread doesn’t tangle up. 

Step 3– Turn the machine’s handwheel, which controls the needle position. Take the needle to the lowest position in the quilt. Then turn it again and take your needle to the highest position possible.

By performing this action, you ensure that the needle thread has made a full rotation through the bobbin case.

Step 4– Now tug on the needle thread, and the bobbin thread will come on top, forming a loop. The loop is around the needle thread.

Hold your needle thread and move the quilt top a few inches away from the presser foot. After doing it, a larger loop will be formed. Now pull the bobbin thread up to the top of the quilt. 

Step 5– Now, you are ready to start quilting. Just set the position of your needle where you want to begin quilting. Make sure to hold both threads and start machine quilting.

However, there is one exception. When you begin your quilting at the edge of the quilt sandwich, you should not pull your thread’s tails from top to quilt. If you do this, the stitches will be caught and held by the same stitches you attach to your binding. 

As they are edges of the quilt, they are easy to grab and hold for quilting. You can also easily trim them away. So you don’t need to pull out the threads on top of the quilt. 


So now we have seen the correct procedure of pulling the thread over the quilt top. We have also understood the real reason for pulling the bobbin thread up. 

Although, there is an exception, too, when we don’t need to pull up the bobbin thread. But in most cases, we need to pull up the bobbin thread, no matter what. 

With little practice, you can quickly complete this procedure whenever you do machine quilting. In hand quilting, there is no bobbin present. So you don’t need to follow the above steps.

I hope you like the information provided here. Quilting can be a great hobby with little practice. Happy quilting. 

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