How to Spray Paint Clothes for Costumes

Fabric painting popularity is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to express their artistic side by painting their fabric clothes. Not only fabric clothing, but spray painting technique is also becoming famous due to its easiness.

But what if we spray painted our clothes? 

If done correctly, spray painting clothes is one of the best and quickest ways to paint clothes. Spray painting our clothes can undoubtedly open new dimensions for our artistic side. This technique can create colourful and decorative designs.

However, not every spray paint can work on our clothes. We need to keep this distinction in our minds. There are specific spray paints, which are compatible with our clothes.

Today, we will learn about the proper technique to spray paint your clothes. We will learn about the procedures you should follow before you even start spray painting your clothes.

Let’s start. Hold your spray paint cans. It’s going to be awesome.

Can you Spray Paint your Clothes?

Clothes can be easily spray painted. By spray painting, you can add significant effects and designs. You can use techniques like pleating, tie-dye, or stencil to create a unique fashion statement. 

You need to keep some essential points in mind while spray painting your clothes. The most crucial factor is the type of colour you use. The colour has to be non-toxic as you will wear that clothing. 

Your clothe fabric should also be compatible with the paint. Your favourite clothes should be comfortable to wear. You don’t want your clothes to be hard after spray painting. The spray paint should be flexible to allow flexible movement. 

Clothing fabric type is also essential when it comes to spray painting it. Cotton fabric is best in this regard. Cotton can easily absorb the paint. Polyester and synthetic fabrics are not so great in paint absorbing regards. Unattractive blotches can form in the case of polyester and synthetic clothes.

So we can easily spray paint the clothes. Just keep a few points in mind, and you are good to go. 

Will Spray Paint Stick to Clothing Fabric?

Anyone who has done spray painting on clothing can easily confirm that it sticks to clothing fabric. Spray paints are designed so that they can easily attach to your clothes.

However, we should keep one thing in mind. Spray paint can stick to most of the clothing fabric. But there are certain clothes on which it does not stick. 

To check your cloth and spray paint compatibility, you should use old clothing of the same fabric. Then try to spray paint that dresses fabric and observe its effect. Make sure that it is sticking and not coming off from clothing.

If it sticks well to that clothed specimen, then you are good to go. And if not, try to use another cloth for your painting work.

Types of Spray Paint you can use on Clothing Fabric.

There are various spray paints available in the market. There are two significant distinctions between fabric spray paint and non-fabric spray paint. 

Fabric spray paint is non-toxic to the human body, whereas non-fabric spray paint can be toxic. As we wear our clothes for a long time, they will directly contact our skin. So we need to make sure that it must be non-toxic.

In fabric spray paint, we have got three distinctions. You can choose anyone among them. We will look at them and understand their advantages and disadvantages respectively.

Let’s go through each one of them.

i. Acrylic-Based paint

These are the most common types of fabric spray paints available in the market. You can quickly get them from arts and craft shops.

These paints can also be used in paint markers, airbrushes, and aerosol cans.

ii. Alcohol-based Ink

These are best for non-porous fabrics. Due to the nature of alcohol, its link allows the pigment to bond better with the surface. 

However, alcohol-based ink is the uncommon choice for clothing painting as primary fabrics are porous.

iii. Fabric Dyes

These dyes are somewhat unique. These are applied like acrylic-based paints, but the colour produced is like alcohol-Based ink.

You need to dip your clothing fabric in hot water before applying fabric dyes. Otherwise, it can shrink. You can use it easily with a spray bottle.

Among all three of them, acrylic-based paint is the best. You can easily find it anywhere, and it is compatible with most of your clothing fabrics.

How to Spray Paint Clothes

Before starting the painting procedure, you need to ensure that you have got the right spray paint according to the fabric. Your cloth fabric should also be compatible with spray paint.

Collect all supplies you will need to make designs for your clothes.  Now you are all ready to spray paint your clothes.

Let’s start.

  • Read the instructions written over your spray paint carefully. Make sure that you can wash your clothing after the paint dries. Usually, a fabric can withstand only 30 washes.
  • Hang a newspaper on the wall using tapes. Make sure that the area is well ventilated. The newspaper will protect your walls from spray paint.
  • Carefully hand your clothing in front of a newspaper using a hanger.
  • Use tape to cover the area of clothes, which you don’t want to paint. Areas like logos, buttons, etc., can easily be protected from paint by tape.
  • Now take your spray can and shake it well for 2 minutes. Wear a glove before you start the work. Gloves will protect your hands from spray paint. Hold the clothing using a hanger. Keep it firm before you spray it with paint.
  • Now start spraying. Keep the spray can at least 25cm away from the clothing. Otherwise, patches and blotches will form.
  • Print a layer and then wait before applying another layer of paint. You need to make sure that paint dries and sets first.
  • Apply three or four layers of paint over your clothing. This will enhance your dress looks.
  • Now leave your clothing in a well-ventilated area. Remove any tapes from your clothes and leave them for some time.
  • Wear your clothes when it dries thoroughly. Do not wear undried clothes to spoil your furniture or other nearby objects.

Does Spray Paint Wash off Clothing?

It will fade away after the first wash, whether spray paint or any paint. To keep it on clothes for a more extended period, you should set the paint with heat. Heating will let the colour last longer.

You should always consider how often your desired clothes will be washed. This will provide you with a fair idea of whether you should spray paint it or not. Some fabric and colors are more water-resistant, and some are not.

You should always wash your fabric with care. It will help your colour to stay longer. You can use detergent instead of bleach. Bleach and fabric conditioner can damage your clothing colour. It will cause cracking and peeling. 

How to Make Spray Paint Remain on the Fabric?

Fabric paints need heat treatment to stay on clothing for a more extended period. It needs heat set to remain in its permanent place. If you do not heat the fabric colour, it will fade away with the first wash. Fabric paint tends to be flexible. That’s why it needs heat treatment. 

However, in the case of regular paint, there is no need. It can harden pretty quickly and stay there. You need the help of a butter knife to remove the colour from your clothing. But regular paint is not flexible at all. You will find it very tough to wear.


We have seen the correct way to apply the spray paint coating on our clothes. However, the process is not tough at all. It’s pretty easy. But you need to keep certain precautions and rules in mind before you start painting your clothes.

Spray painting can make your clothes unique. If used correctly, it will be an excellent hobby for you. You can try so many different styles and patterns over your clothes. 

However, you need a little bit of practice. Your clothes will look bad without training as the colour coating will not be uniform on your clothing. Hold the spray paint at least 25cm from clothing, or create a thick layer.

So practice a little bit before engaging in this beautiful hobby.

I hope you like the information provided here. Happy painting.

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