How To Store Quilting Rulers? Quilting Tips

After putting hours into your assignments, how do you find your study table or workplace? You may always feel that your assignment sheets, pencils, pens, etc., need proper storage. It keeps your study table tidy, and you don’t lose them.

Every work, especially creative work, needs a good environment and a clean workplace. But cleaning always does not mean sweeping with a broom. It also indicates organizing the tools used for the work.

How To Store Quilting Rulers? Quilting Tips

Quilting is also a creative work, and it is essential to store its rulers in an organized manner. With this, the rulers do not get lost, and also the workplace remains clean and organized.

Follow the tips below to learn how to store quilting rulers.

I. Install photo ledge on the walls

The photo ledge is a creative way to keep the rulers in a vertical manner. It is used to store the rulers and other quilting tools on the workplace walls.

II. Use Silicon Grip Grass

Silicon grip grass is a kind of plant with long, whip-like leaves. But it can also hold rulers very efficiently. The plant’s vines are flexible enough to wrap around the edge of a ruler. 

The silicon grip grass helps hold and store the rulers in an organized manner. It does not let the ruler lose, and also, the workplace remains clean and organized.

Quilting is also a creative work, and it is imperative to store its rulers in an organized manner. It is done so that the rulers do not get lost and also the workplace remains clean and organized.

III. Hang rulers on the edge of the work table

You must have seen many quilters hanging the rulers on the edge of their work table using hooks. In this way, they can easily take out a ruler and put it back in its rightful place. They can also align all the rulers and keep them organized.

If you don’t have any space for hooks, you can drill holes at the top of your work table. Hang your rulers with cords by tying knots. It will make your workplace neat without using hooks or cords.

IV. Use D-ring Sealable Binders

Binders are an essential part of any creative work. They help store the innovative tools used for different jobs, such as rulers and templates. The binders also help in organizing the tools into different sections. It becomes easy to find things.

For example, if you have a large quilting project, you can divide it into different sections. The sections are front pieces, back pieces, borders, etc. It makes it easier for you to store things and allows you to find them.

D-ring sealable binders are the perfect choice to store your rulers. They have an easy-to-use D-ring seal on each side of the binder. It helps in holding the ruler tightly without damaging the ruler itself. It is a great way to prevent losses and keep your workplace clean simultaneously.

V. Use Pegboards Having Hooks

Hooks can also store rulers of different sizes on hooks.

Pegboard-style hooks keep the workplace organized and neat. But, it is a challenging task to find the right pegboard hooks for your quilting project.

Hooks with a fixed design can get very messy and difficult to use. These hooks are made for temporary storage only and not for long-term use.

These hooks are less likely to hold weights. It is better to go for flexible plastic or metal pegs with a high strength value and can bear weight.

VI. Hang Rulers Using Clips on Adjustable Tension Rods

You can also hang rulers using clips on adjustable tension rods.

It is a perfect solution for quilters who cannot stack their rulers on the table. In this case, you clip above your workbench and to the left of the workbench.

VII. Use Napkin Holders

Napkin holders are not only for the dining table, but you can also use them to organize and store your rulers. If you fold them in half, Napkins have enough space to hold one ruler.

IIIX. Use Magazine Holders

To ensure that the rulers are always within reach, you can also use magazine holders to store them. If you look around, there are various types of magazine holders available within your reach. You can choose one according to the size of your rulers.

Magazines are a perfect solution for storing all sizes of rulers. Another way you could use magazine holders is by holding bolts, sewing needles and much more. You can keep the smaller tools in the gaps between the pages with the larger ones placed on top of them.

Magazine holders are also ideal for storing pencils and pens. Because they do not get tangled and scatter around like a bunch of loose pencils would do. Also, when you don’t need to access your pens or pencils, it is easier to keep them in this holder. 

IX. File cabinets are also Efficient

File cabinets can store rulers and other quilting materials as well. It can store materials such as fabric, pins, needles, and thread. File cabinets are also efficient enough for storing rulers. With a file cabinet, you can keep your quilting rulers safely in one place without losing them. 


An organized workplace feels like heaven. It boosts you to work for an extra hour. In the case of quilting, rulers always struggle to get a place.

You will always find them scattered around. To keep them organized, there are several ways you can follow. This article has some of the best solutions to your problems. These solutions keep the rulers in one place and boost the ease of work.


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