Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make your Quilting Stencil

A beautiful quilt is always in high demand. A well-crafted quilt can attract anyone who passes by it. There are lots of magnificent patterns and designs on a well-crafted quilt. 

Most of us are curious about how such beautiful and well-crafted designs are made on the quilt. We will answer your question here.

The answer is “Quilting stencil.” With the help of a stencil, you can easily make complex patterns and shape on your quilt. Not only that, you can create your quilt stencil according to your need.

Some people buy stencils directly from the market. At the same time, some make their quilting stencils.

This article will learn how to make our quilting stencil according to our design and pattern needs. A well-crafted quilting stencil can make all the difference in your quilt. 

So prepare your ruler and pencil. It’s time to make some beautiful quilt stencils.

What is a Quilting Stencil?

Quilting stencils are templates that help us to make patterns for quilting. Like a regular stencil, a quilting stencil allows us to create our design on the quilt easily.

Or we can say a quilting stencil is an object that helps you create complex patterns and shapes on your quilt. You can make it from many materials, including fabric, plastic, or metal.

There are many types of quilting stencils present in the market. You can easily choose between many designs and patterns according to your need.

Quilting stencil comes in all kinds of shapes and width. Users can easily select from all given stencil options.

Although some people can work without quilting stencils. Like hobbyists work without them to create something small and personal. 

List of Supplies Needed to Make your Quilting Stencil

If you do not want to buy a quilting stencil from the market, then you can easily create one in your home. This section will discuss the necessary steps required to make your stencil.

Before we start, we should know that you can use both computers and hand-drawn designs to create stencils. We will have a look at both of them. 

Let’s start,

  • Computer and printer
  • Hand drawn design on paper(If you don’t have a computer)
  • A permanent marker
  • A Template Plastic
  • Knife(Preferably X-Acto knife)
  • Old Cutting mat

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make your Quilting Stencil

Now that we have got all the supplies in place, it is time to start the process. We need to follow these steps to make a quilt stencil.

  • First, you need to design your quilt pattern on your computer. You can use different types of software for this purpose. For example, you can use illustrator for this purpose or any other design software. When your design is finalized, please take out the print in its actual size.
  • If you don’t have a computer, you must hand-draw the quilt block design on paper.
  • Now lay your template plastic over the design top and trace it with your permanent marker.
  • Now remove the paper from under the plastic. Set your template plastic over your cutting mat. Don’t start cutting it. Make sure that all parts of the template remain intact.
  • Now start making cuts and carve out a beautiful stencil out of it. Make sure not to make any errors, or your stencil will spoil.
  • Now keep your stencil over your fabrics and trace your stencil shape over the fabric. You can use a washable marker or chalk for your tracing work.

So after following these steps, you can create your quilt stencil successfully. You can make as many stencils as you want. You can make different types of designs according to your needs. 

Can you Work Without a Quilting Stencil?

It depends, but you cannot work without a quilting stencil in most cases.  The reason is that when we want to make a beautiful and well-crafted design on the quilt, we always need a quilting stencil. We can quickly create complex patterns and shapes on our quilt with it.

Yet, some quilting hobbyists and enthusiasts works without quilting stencil. They perform freehand quilting. They do it for the immense pleasure of creating something challenging. It provides them immense happiness to quilt.

So now we know that quilting without stencil is possible. It will become challenging in the case of complex patterns. 

According to us, we will recommend you to use quilting stencils. Using quilting stencil will make your work more accessible as well as precise. 

But if you want to work without a quilting stencil, then you should know that it’s not going to be easy. It will be pretty challenging as it needs to be practised. The gratification you will get after completing the task will be immense.


So far, we have seen different steps which we need to follow to make a quilt stencil at home. The steps are very easy, and anyone can follow them easily.

In a few cases, you can work without the quilting stencil, but you should use them in case of complex patterns and blocks. 

You can always buy a quilting stencil from the market if you don’t want to make it at home. You can get different types of designs in the market quickly. 

I hope that you like the information provided here about the quilting stencil. Happy quilting.

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