Quilting Fabrics- Top 15 Ways to Store Them

A good quilter always has different types of fabrics. Quilting is an art, and it requires various types of fabrics. So to create different kinds of quilts, we need multiple colours and styles of fabric.

A quilter heart always desires more and more fabrics. There is no limit to our desire, but there is a problem also. You can buy as many fabrics as you want, but where will you store them?

400;”>Storing your quilting fabric can be a significant problem as your household has limited space. You cannot keep your fabrics throughout the house. You have a dedicated room for your work, and you need to store your fabrics there only.

So we need to make sure that we utilize our workshop space as much as possible. Regular house workshops are not that big. So we require creativity to store our fabrics.

Today, we will learn about different ideas for storing the fabrics. We will learn about them so that you can implement them by yourself. 

Let’s start. It’s time to use your creativity.

What is Quilting Fabric?

We all know that quilting is an art. Quilts are pretty famous for their beauty and look. We need to create different designs and patterns over the quilt to create that beauty.

To create those designs and patterns, we need to use different fabrics. There are a hundred types of fabrics readily available in the market. They come in different colours and styles.

So the fabrics used in the quilting process are known as quilting fabrics. They can either be pure cotton or a mixture of different fabrics. The range is quite broad. You can always select any fabric which you want.

Why is Quilting Fabric Storage Necessary

Now we know what quilting fabric is. Now the question arises, why is fabric storage necessary?

Our quilter hearts always desire more and more types of fabrics to create a beautiful and unique quilt. To make that beautiful quilt, we need different kinds of fabrics.

When we get different fabrics, we need a place to store them too. Our houses are not warehouses where we can store fabrics easily. We need to keep them inside our small workshop. Specific creativity is necessary for that purpose.

We cannot spoil our house look by storing the fabrics incorrectly. Our house should look pleasant. So we need to keep the fabric correctly by utilizing the provided space.

Quilting Fabrics- Top 15 Ways to Store Them

So now we know how important fabric storage is. Now we need to discuss ideas by which we can easily store fabrics inside our house.

Let’s start.

1. Don’t keep it all by Colour

Don’t always keep your fabric by colour only. You can keep them according to their strip design, novelty prints, and basic design.

Or, if you have too many colour shades available, keep them like a rainbow. It will help you to use them better.

2. Organize Holiday Fabric Together

If you have a particular fabric for the holiday season, you should keep it separate from all other fabrics. For example, Halloween or Christmas.

By doing so, you can easily store them separately.

3. Organize Fat Quarter of Fabric

You should store your fat quarter fabric with your yardage. It would help if you unfolded them to be of the same size as your folded yardage.

Try to keep your bundle together, though.

4. Sort New Fabrics Always

Always fold your newly bought fabric as soon as possible. Try to keep your folded fabric and unfolded fabric separately. Otherwise, it will look like a mess.

5. Pants Hanger

You can surely use a pant hanger to store your fabric yardage. You can add a measurement label to your fabrics so that you can quickly sort them out later. 

6. Plastic Tubs

Plastic tubs are one of the best choices to store your fabrics. If you want to avoid sunlight damage, store those plastic containers behind the closet.

Using labels, you can organize your fabric by colour, type, and manufacturer.

7. Fabric Storage Closet

You can dedicate an entire closet for fabric storage. A wire drawer rack and built-in cubbies will make your lot easier. 

You can hang your finished clothe on a hanger inside the closet.

8. Inside Page Protector

You can always store your fabric panel inside the binder. You need to fold the fabric panel and store it inside a page protector.

Then set that paper protector inside the binder. This is one of the best ways to store fabric panels.

9. Washi Tape Trick

A washi tape label can help you immensely. Just keep your fabric inside a container or plastic box.

Then use Washi tape to denote the type of fabric on the box. This method can help you to organize your fabric correctly.

10. In the Form of a Roll

You can store your cut binding fabric easily over a roll. You can use a towel holder to act as a roll. Just roll your cut binding on it. Then you can easily unroll it when the time comes.

11. Use Every Inch

Don’t forget to utilize any remaining space inside your house. You can store fabric behind your door or on the wall. Try to find any room available.

12. Book Storage

Yow can always store your fabric in an unused book box. Just take your books holder and place your fabric there.

13. Dresser Drawer

Fat quarters can easily be stored inside your dresser drawer, separate from the rest of the stash. It’s an excellent choice for storing fat quarter quilts. 

14. Smart Shelving Unit

Back-to-back wire shelves can efficiently hold the collapsible fabric totes and boxes. You can buy extra shelf units for storing more and more fabric inside them.

15. Storage on display

You can store small fabric rolls inside a transparent container easily. You can then display those containers as a display inside your house.

It will look good and beautiful inside your house.

How to Fold Your Fabric so that it Stacks and is all the Same Size

It would help if you decided how you would fold your fabrics and stack them. You want your fabric fold to be the same size and don’t want it to distort. So let’s have a look at it.

i. Decide about the Width of the Fold

It would help decide whether your fabric pile will be 5” wide or 6” wide. Many people find 5” wide fabric best for their storage. 

ii. Fold the Fabric Selvedge Edges Together

First of all, make sure that your fabric is folded. Its selvedge should be even and should be flat as possible. If the selvedge edges are off, then make sure to refold it again.

iii. Fold the fabric around the ruler.

Grab your ruler and lay it over the top of the fabric. It should be about 3” of material over the top of the ruler. Now fold the fabric over the top of the ruler.


So far, we have discussed different ideas regarding storing the quilt fabric. Quilt fabric storage is a crucial job you need to perform. There are many ways which you can follow to keep fabrics inside your house.

You can buy pre-made fabric storage off the shelves or create DIY storage. It’s on you what step you want to take. If you like to save some bucks, you are most welcome to make DIY storage space.

We have provided you with 15 ideas for fabric storage here. If you want to know more, you can search online videos and learn how to make one.

I hope you like the information provided here. Happy Quilting.

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