What is the Main Idea of a Quilting Bee

Do you also get confused when hearing the term “Quilting bee”?

Well, you are not alone. People who don’t know much about quilting can get confused. Don’t worry; the quilting bee is not an insect. It’s a social gathering of quilters.

Now, most of you can think that it’s just a plain gathering of people who work, just like your big conferences where you go and listen to someone for hours. You yawn and return to your home after the session ends.

You don’t know how fun a quilting bee gathering is if you think like that. It’s a fun event where people will gather and work together on their projects while having so much fun.

We will learn about the origin of Quilting Bee and how to organize one. We will also learn how to make it more fun for everyone. 

After all, it should be a memorable event and not a boring one. Let’s Start—time to have some fun while quilting.

What is a Quilting Bee?

We can describe Quilting bee as “a social gathering of women at which they work together at making quilts.” 

In quilting bee events, you can work alone or in teams. Your fellow quilters will assist you in the quilting process. Either work on your project or work on some other task.

Your fellow quilters will assist you in any way possible. They can share tips with you or help you to prepare a quilt. It’s a great way to meet your community while enjoying yourself.

The origin of Quilting Bee

It began in the 1800s when women from the countryside started this event. These women were displaced from there due to war or natural disasters. In their free time, they started quilting together. They used to help each other.

Quilting bees were a place for women to come together and learn from one another. style=”font-weight: 400;”>These women don’t know how to quilt or sew. So by taking part in these kinds of events, they learn the art of quilting.

Not only learning, but it was a great chance to socialize also. They make new friends and hang out with each other. With time, these meetups become events. Hence it is known as a quilting bee.

How to Start a Quilting Bee?

Let’s discuss how we can organize a quilting bee event. There are many ways to do it. We will have a look at some of the best ways. You can host online or offline events, whichever you deem necessary. 

Let’s start.

1. Create a Quilt for Celebration

Hosting a quilting bee event as a gift is a sure way to surprise them. If someone close in your circle is getting married, you can host a surprise event for them. They will love it.

Or is someone expecting a baby? Or Your close friend is getting a promotion. In all these events, you can host a quilting bee event. People will surely love it when they socialize with each other.

So celebration is a great way to host an event like this. So ahead and quilt together.

2. Create a quilt or quilts for a more significant cause.

You can always use your quilting skill to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Do any of your acquaintances go through a tough time? You can always host a quilting bee event for them. It can be either online or offline.

You can all create different blocks for that person and then send them. The person can stitch those blocks together to make a quilt. This will boost that person’s mood.

You can also host a quilting bee event to create quilts for a charity cause. Like you can make quilt pillow covers for any children’s hospital within your vicinity.

3. Using quilting bee gathering as a way to teach others how to quilt

Quilting bee gatherings are social events where people gather and work together to quilt. If you are new to quilting, you could also use it to learn how to quilt.

You can bring your unfinished projects to the meeting and help others who know what they are doing. And if you have any unfinished projects, there might be someone willing to teach you how it’s done.

If you are not too keen on asking for help, that’s okay. You can observe how others are doing their work and take notes about their process. 

It’s an excellent chance for those who want to learn something new. Quilting bee parties are an ideal place for beginners and experienced sewers alike!

4. Plan individual projects during quilting parties.

You can always plan an individual quilting project during quilting bee events. People will enjoy this kind of activity. This will make your quilting bee fun and engaging.

Everyone can come together to create something new and challenging. You can always host challenges inside the event. You can even distribute prizes to the best quilt out there. If you plan it, you can have lots of fun at the event.

5. Try a Quilt-A-long quilting bee.

Have you ever heard about QAL? QAL means “Quite a long,” and this term is famous. QAL events are online events where everyone works together on a project from their home. It’s an excellent way to have fun while sitting inside your home. 

Each week you need to prepare a quilt block. Due to this, it is less time-consuming. You can easily find time to create a quilting block from your busy schedule. You can then discuss your work online with your friends.

Things to Keep in Mind when Starting Quilting Bee

There are a few things, which you should keep in your mind while hosting a quilting bee event. You need to make sure that you decide certain things before the event starts. 

Failure to do so will create problems in your event. People can get confused, or they will get bored. So it’s always recommended that you work on these points.

Let’s have a look at these factors.

1. Theme

It is always suggested that you decide on a theme for your event. However, it is not necessary to have a theme in your event. But having a theme always helps in the long run. Your bee will always know what to do.

2. Structure

Questions like,

  • How many members?
  • How long will the event go?
  • How many members are expected to sew or quilt?
  • Will they use their fabric or not?

 Questions like these need to be discussed before starting the event. You need to make a proper structure of the event.

3. Meeting Place

It would be best if you decided on the proper place to meet. It can be virtual or real. Please make sure that the meeting place is good enough for all members of your bee. 

If you want to host an online quilting bee event, decide the best platform for the meeting.

4. Members

You need to be sure that you invite many people to attend the event. You can always send an invitation to quilting groups. You can also ask people with followers to post your invitation.

You can use Flickr or Reddit threads to invite more people. It will help you immensely.


We can finally conclude our article here. A quilting bee is a great place to hang out with your fellow quilters. You can always learn so much from your fellow bees. You can also teach new techniques or tricks to your bee.

Hosting a quilting bee event is not that tough. These events can be so much fun if planned correctly.

I hope you like the information provided here. 

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