What Kind of Thread for Machine Quilting

Whether you are an experienced sewer or a professional quilter, you must be reading this article with a common question in mind. How to choose a thread for machine quilting? Adding to this, many other questions are lingering around in your mind.

How to decide thread weight for machine quilting? What is the best thread for machine quilting? What colour thread to use and many more.

But worry not. This article will give answers to all your queries. Also, it will help you to choose the best of the wide variety of options available.

So, do have a read till the end.

What Kind of Thread for Machine Quilting

The most common thread weight for machine quilting is cotton or polyester. These two materials are commonly used because they are strong, durable, and can be washed and dried.

But the most important thing to consider before starting any sewing project is the weight of the thread. Sounds strange, right? But the weight of the thread decides the final outcome.

For a newbie, the figures are 30, 40,50, 30/2. 40/3 etc., seem confusing. But these are the weight of threads. There is a significance of each of these numbers. 

You don’t need to go into deep details. Just keep two things in mind.

  • The higher the thread weight, the finer the gauge.
  • The fraction on the thread reel tells you the thread weight and the number of piles twisted together. (40/2 means thread having weight 40 has two piles)
  • Remember, more piles mean more strength.

So, for quilting in a machine, 40 weight thread suits best compared to higher weight thread. In a 40 weight thread, the stitches will show up more quickly on the quilt.

How to Choose Thread for Machine Quilting

You have a variety of options for choosing thread for machine quilting. Many times you end up getting confused. You ask yourself, How do I choose a quilting thread?

Continue reading, and you will get the best way to choose the correct thread. Many people have a preconceived idea that the best thread for machine quilting is a cotton-silk blend. Although this type of thread can be used for machine quilting, it is not the only option to choose from.

Some threads used for machine quilting include synthetics such as polyester or nylon. They also contain natural materials such as silk and wool. 

The weight of the thread you use will depend on the fabric you are using. With any sewing, thread choices vary depending on your personal preferences and what looks good in the end.

A good rule of thumb is to use heavier threads with thick woven fabrics and thinner threads with thinner materials. When choosing the correct weight of thread, consider a few things. How easy it will be to see the stitches through the fabric. How durable it will be. How quickly it will sew through your project without breaking or becoming tangled, etc.

To help decide which colour you should use, think about how much contrast you want between your design block and your thread colours. If your design block requires a lot of contrast, go with brighter colours such as white or colourful, shades of yellow, blue or green.

The Best Thread for Machine Quilting 

When choosing the best thread for machine quilting, you need to consider a lot of factors like weight, bulk, strength and colour.

In this article, we’ll cover some key factors that you need to think about when choosing your thread. 

Read on to learn more about how your thread choice will impact your quilt. Choosing the best thread for machine quilting is an important decision. It can significantly impact the look, feel, and durability of your finished product. So just what should you be looking for in your ideal thread?

To start with. When choosing a heavier-weight thread suitable for machine quilting, you want something soft yet strong enough to hold up under high-speed sewing. The bulkiness of the thread will ensure quality stitching. It also provides stability in your finished piece.

Additionally, you may be planning on using a contrasting colour of thread. Choose one that will work well with the fabric and your intended design elements. It will help create a cohesive look across all parts of the project.

Finally, consider whether you want something self-striping or not.

Below are some of the best threads you can look up to while choosing the thread for machine quilting:

1. Superior Threads King TUT Quilting Thread

Thread is one of the essential parts of a quilt. It creates an even, smooth surface to sew and gives the quilt its final look. There are many different kinds of thread that you could use for machine quilting. But each has its pros and cons. It’sIt’s worth it to do some research before picking your thread for a particular project.

Machine quilting threads are typically made from cotton or polyester fibres. These have been twisted together in a specific way. It makes them strong enough to support the weight of the fabric and needle. These threads’ length, thickness, and quality also affect how well they hold up when put under pressure while sewing.

Often, machine quilters will use 100% cotton thread. It is easy to work with and holds up when put under stress during sewing. 

King Tut is made up of 100% Egyptian thread. It has a beautiful range of 135 different colours and shades. This quality thread is a clear winner as it is extremely strong, doesn’t break, and has low lint. 

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2. Aurifil Christa Quilts piece and quilt colour thread kit.

Quilters and sewers love two things: kits and colours. This brand of threads provides beautiful colours and shades of threads. Also, they provide robust and durable thread having long-staple cotton fibre.

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3. Connecting Threads

You can use different kinds of threads for machine quilting. The most commonly used thread types are cotton, polyester, and wool. Wool is the strongest option, but it is also the most expensive. Cotton is one of the easiest to work with and, therefore, affordable.

The best part with this brand of thread is that it provides 100% cotton thread with a satin finish. 

The colour of the thread you choose can also impact the outcome of your project. For instance, if you want to create a vibrant pattern, choose a brightly coloured thread such as red or turquoise. If you’re looking for more subtle patterns, then select shades of brown or black. They stand out less against your background fabric colour. This brand provides 11 beautiful shades of thread.

Also, this brand provides 50 weight cotton thread. It contains three piles of 100% long-staple cotton.

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4. Mercerized Cotton Threads

The best thread for machine quilting is commonly considered to be cotton. It is a flexible and robust thread that can handle tons of stitches. Mercerized cotton threads are perfect. Because they have been treated with a chemical called mercerization, making them much more durable.

This treatment also makes the thread resistant to stretching. It means it will hold its shape. That is why the best thread for machine quilting is usually a cotton version of the thread.

This brand produces thread in 16 different colour shades. It has a 30 weight thread that is neither thick nor thin.

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5. Signature Thread

One of the best threads for machine quilting is a signature thread. Signature Thread provides you with this 3000 yard, 100% cotton thread. It is an excellent option to use in all your quilting projects.

It contains a beautiful white colour thread that does a great job. It doesn’t shred or break and is a perfect option for quilt piecing. It is a strong, 40 weight thread and many quilters love it.

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6. Aurifil 500 WT Mako

Aurifil 500 WT Mako is a high-winding thread that will work well with 100% cotton and rayon fabrics. This thread’s lighter weight makes it an easy choice for beginners. But the quality means you can use it for long-term projects too.

If you’re looking for a thread that’s simple, strong, and dependable, Aurifil 500 WT Mako is a perfect choice.

It brings you a three-pack of subtle, natural colour thread that embraces your quilt’s beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What Colour Thread to use for Machine Quilting?

The colour of the thread you choose directly impacts the outcome of your project. If you want to create a vibrant pattern, choose a brightly coloured thread. If you’re looking for more subtle patterns, then select shades of brown or black.

Can I Machine Quilt with Regular Sewing Thread?

Using regular sewing thread for a machine quilt is not a good idea. Common sewing thread contains wax. It can create hindrance and also damage your machine.

Can I use an all-purpose Thread for Machine Quilting?

A polyester thread is by far the best all-purpose thread. It can be used for both hand and machine quilting. Though cotton is the best quality thread used for machine quilting, polyester also enters the scene and makes a change. It is because polyester is strong and durable. 


I hope this article could provide you with some clarity about the thread for machine quilting. Always make sure you use the best quality thread. But before that, decide the weight of the thread according to the fabric you are using in your quilt. Be cautious while choosing the colour of your thread. It embraces the beauty of your product. 

So, buckle up, use your creativity. Keep these small things in mind and create the best quality quilt. 

Happy Quilting!

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