Where Are The Places To Donate Your Quilting Fabric

There is no better deed than charity. Imagine how satisfying it is to give your quilt woven with love and care to someone who needs it. It is much more enjoyable than selling your quilt at the highest price. 

But before you decide to donate, be careful about selecting the place you are presenting. Make sure that the authority is trustworthy and your quilts reach the needy. 

Where Are The Places To Donate Your Quilting Fabric

Here in this article, you will get a list of trustworthy places in the US where you can donate your quilts. Also, you will get some ideas on how you donate quilting fabric?

i. Coffee Creek Quilters

Coffee Creek Quilters is a registered organization. It organizes quilting classes for women. These women are confined at the Coffee Creek Quilters correctional home in Wilsonville, Oregon.

The authority accepts donations for 100% quilting fabrics, sewing machines etc.

ii. Creative Reuse Centers

These Creative Reuse Centers are doing a great job. They reuse usable waste. For, e.g. fabric, to make new quilts. These centres spread this initiative throughout America and reuse the waste into creative projects. 

iii. Quilts from Caring Hands

Quilts from Caring Hands is an organization that makes quilts. They distribute them to children of Oregon’s Willamette Valley area.

They accept large pieces of fabric. And they even receive pre-printed pieces of cloth. They even accept unfinished quilts tops or fabric having textures. 

iv. Quilts of Valor

Like Creative Reuse Centers, Quilts of valour also work for a terrific cause. They aim to provide comforting quilts to cover service members. They also provide the quilts to Veterans who faced and survived wars.

But the organization has some conditions for accepting quilts. They prefer odour and stain-free quilts. Also, they like donations of red, blue or white quilts. However, this condition is not mandatory. 

v. Snuggled in Hope

Slugged in hope is a donation-based organization that makes quilts and pillow covers. They do it for. They do it for the campers at Flying Horse Farms in Ohio. Flying Horse is an organization that provides camps to children with severe illnesses. 

They accept donations of both quilts and quilting equipment. Quilting equipment includes rulers, rotary cutters etc. 

vi. The Sewing Labs

This organization teaches sewing to children. Children who are trapped in the generational cycle of poverty learn sewing. This is done to bring them to come out of addiction. 

They accept donations of quilt fabric, quilting equipment and working sewing machines. 

vii. Victoria’s Quilts

Victoria’s quilts make quilts for cancer patients all over the USA. Since they give these quilts to the patients, they maintain certain norms while accepting the quilts. They accept 100% cotton quilts, and pieces must be at least 1-yard in length. 

viii. Wrap Them in Love Foundation

The name of the organization suits them the best. It is because they aim to help and wrap unprivileged children with love.

They help children all over the world. They do this through orphanages, hospitals, shelters, and those affected by natural disasters.

iix. Quilts of Honor

Vietnam era Veteran Gail Belmont created the Quilts of honour. She made this organization in recognition of warriors. She did this so that no warrior should be forgotten. The Quits of labour is one extension of Quilts of Honor. 

Since the organization uses quilts for prestigious works, thus they have some conditions of accepting quilts. 

The conditions are stated below:

  • The quilts must have a standard size: The quilts must have the smallest size of 50″ X 60″ and the most measure of 60″ X 70″.
  • The Quilts are of specific colours like white, red, blue.
  • The designs and blocks must complement patriotic themes. 


Quilting works beautiful and is suited best as gifts to your dear ones. And when it comes to charity, these are the most comfortable things you can donate to a needy person. But in this world of betrayal, it is hard to find trustworthy places, and you can rely on them.

Before donating, always research your end to help reach the needy. 

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