Why Does My Sewing Machine Keep Jamming In 2022

Sewing machine jam is a common problem many sewing enthusiasts face in their daily life. It causes a delay in your sewing procedure, hampering your projects.

Whether you are a newbie or an expert sewer, a jam is entirely unwanted and frustrating. Therefore, you need to know the underlying reasons why your sewing machine keeps jamming.

There is more than one reason behind this obstruction in the job. For instance, sometimes, the needle might break during the sewing, causing your machine to stop.

Or, there might be issues with the motor itself. Poor quality thread can also cause the same problem.

Why Does My Sewing Machine Keep Jamming In 2022

Today we discuss the most probable reasons for sewing machine jamming with the solutions you can try.

If you are ready, let’s get on with it.

1. Tangled Mesh of Thread Causing Lack of Tension

Frayed or dirty threads can get out of their place while putting them in the feed throat or under the needle. As the threads get tangled, the tension will not be maintained in the sewing machine. This causes jamming of the machine.

The Solution:

It will definitely be frustrating and take you a lot of time to get the problem resolved. You need to buy a better quality thread. Do this by looking out for reputable sources. Here are some tips to select a good thread supplier.

If you need to get a good quality thread for your machine, try getting some of them at a discount. While doing the sewing job, make sure that you check all the needs and requests of the customer thoroughly.

If it is difficult to get a good thread supplier, ask for samples to help you select the right one for your machine.

2. Motor Failure due to Ill Maintenance

If your machine has a faulty motor, you might experience jamming. Machine failure can be caused due to several reasons. Ill maintenance is one of those. If your motor is failing too often, it is time for you to take some action. 

The Solution:

If you are experiencing this problem, don’t worry. You can resolve this issue by finding the exact cause behind it. Make sure that you regularly clean the needle assembly and the motor.

Replace or repair the faulty part or the motor. You can also replace the leather weight. Make sure you follow the general rule to maintain a safe working environment.

3. Machine Clogging due to Dust, Debris, or Lint

One of the main reasons behind sewing machine jams is the major mess that occurs inside the machine while sewing. This clogging can happen if the machine is not cleaned properly – you might forget to replace a needle or a thread, and most of the time, you could be sewing in a dusty environment.

The Solution:

You should change your foot on the belt so that it can do its work properly. The fix for this is to clean your machine thoroughly. When you are done cleaning the machine, replace the foot and also allow the pressure to build up in the drum.

Also, if you notice some dew or hair inside the machine, you should clean the machine and wash the area where these might be coming from. The machine motor could malfunction, causing a jam.

4. Poor Quality Thread

Threading is one of the most crucial steps in the sewing process. So, if you have not tested the quality of the thread before buying, you should know that a thread too thin or thick might cause jamming.

In case your sewing machine is failing to thread the needle, try to contact the seller or service centre of the brand you are using and ask them to replace it.

However, if the problem is not solved, then you have to go for a proper replacement of the thread.

5. Wrong Size Sewing Needle

As you are already aware, the sewing machine needle is the primary tool used to create a physical bond between the fabric and the sewing machine. So, you have to make sure that the needle is placed correctly so that it will properly thread the needle.

6. Broken or Deformed Needle

Broken or deformed needles are an obvious reason behind your machine jamming. If the thread breaks or the needle is worn out, then you might have to live with this problem. But the good news is that you can fix it immediately. You can get new needles, especially if they are broken.

The Solution:

So, check the needle and buy one if it is broken or missing. With a new needle installed, your machine will be in good condition. There are a couple of other options, too. You can buy sewing machine needles online, including quality sewing machine needles in multiple options.

Note that the quality of sewing machine needles is a critical factor that often causes your machine to jam. You need to get the best and most suitable one.

Tips on What to Do If None of the Solutions Work?

If none of the solutions you tried so far proves to be effective, try replacing the battery. You should know that the battery itself is one of the root causes behind this. If your machine is a newer model, then you should see to the obvious external change in the battery case.

In the worst-case scenario, when your machine isn’t battery operated, or the batteries are perfectly fine, you should call for professional help.

They can run a thorough check of your device and find out the necessary changes required. They can only tell you what the real reason is. If your machine is new, you might also get a replacement from the brand if things are not so good. 


Sewing is an exciting job. Whether you are just trying your hand at it or already flying high, this is a great hobby. You can create your designs, give them the shape of your thoughts. Yet, sewing machine jams can put a stop to all of these. As a result, your sewing job gets compromised, not to mention the frustration. 

Infrequent or rare jams are acceptable and expected. They happen as your machine gets older.

But, if it becomes too frequent, an educated inspection is required. We hope we could answer your questions about why your sewing machine keeps jamming. 

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