Why Does My Sewing Machine Keep Unthreading?

You are excited to use your sewing machine in the hope of creating something new and beautiful. You have prepared a mental image of it. You are looking to translate it into an actual product as quickly as possible.

But suddenly, you encounter your first and most irritable obstacle while trying to sew your dream clothes in existence, and that is, the Unthreading problem of your sewing machine.

Sewing machine unthreading is a very common problem among sewing machine users. There are multiple reasons why your thread is coming out from the needle and creating problems for you.

It can either be a one-time problem or happen multiple times during the whole duration of work on the sewing machine. It is very frustrating to re-think the needle when a thread comes out. It not only wastes your time but also makes your mood irritating.

So hop in with us. We will look at all possibilities of the sewing machine unthreading problem and its possible solution.

What is Sewing Machine Unthreading?

A sewing machine unthreading is a common problem among sewing machine users. Sometimes the thread will come out from the needle and make the sewing machine useless for work.

In the sewing machine, we all know that two types of threads are used, i.e., needle thread and bobbin thread. Using both of these threads, the machine creates a lockstitch to join different clothes together.

If due for some reason, the thread comes out from the needle, then the machine won’t be able to stitch clothes together and stop sewing clothes. 

Why is your Sewing Machine Unthreading?

Many reasons can lead to the needle coming out of the thread. The most likely reason is that the person sewing the cloth is not using their hands properly.

Another cause for this problem could be a malfunctioning or damaged machine. A third possible reason for this problem is the needle being used.

It could also be because of improper storage, making it difficult for the thread to flow smoothly through the needlepoint.

There are various reasons why unthreading is taking place in our sewing machine. Multiple causes can trigger frequent unthreading in your machine and waste your time.

We will take a look at all the primary reasons why your sewing machine is kept unthreading frequently and what steps can be taken by us to reduce the unthreading incidents.

So let’s have a look at all possible reasons for unthreading.

I. Is your machine threaded correctly?

One of the most common reasons for a thread coming out from a sewing needle is that the machine might be threaded incorrectly. If the thread is not going through the spool correctly, it can cause it to come out from the needle and make your work difficult. In this case, you’ll need to re-thread the machine, following these few easy steps:

  • Look at where your thread is coming out from. It might be that too much thread has been wound around the bobbin or that it’s not facing the correct direction.
  • If your bobbin winder is on top of your sewing machine and it looks like there’s too much thread coming out, then you should turn it 180 degrees so that it’s below your sewing machine.

Similarly, if you notice that there’s no tension on your thread and it’s pretty loose, then take a look at your needle plate or upper tension disk. See if they’re installed correctly. Make sure they are both facing inwards, as shown in the picture above.

II. Does your thread have any irregularity, bump, or knots in it?

If your thread contains any irregularity, bump, or knots, then there is a very high chance that it will get tangled in the needle, and due to that, it will come out from the needle.

If this happens to you, you should either work with high-quality threads or use threads of the correct size. If you follow these steps, then unthreading chances will reduce significantly.

You should also avoid thread mounted on foam spools. They are not good threads and can cause unthreading. Not only that, you should avoid old threads as they lose their quality over time.

So once when you have identified what is wrong with your thread, use a seam ripper to cut out any knots or loops of thread caught in the throat plate. Once that has been done, re-thread your needle and try sewing again.

II. Inspect the needle

When your thread comes out from the needle, you first need to inspect the needle. There is a high chance your needle might be bent or have a burr.

You should also check its groove as well as tip. It would help if you also looked at whether the needle is installed correctly or not.

If your needle is bent or has a burr, your thread will get tangled and come out from the needle. This will cause unthreading.

So, in that case, you should buy a new needle as a new needle can help reduce the risk of threading issues and ensure that your fabric does not have any tears or fraying.

III. Not enough thread tail

If the thread pulls out of the machine as soon as you start sewing, then it can be due to the reason that you haven’t pulled out enough line before beginning.

Make sure to pull out at least 10cm to 15cm thread from both the upper thread and bobbin before starting the machine.

Sewing machine thread comes out when the tension loosens or too much pressure is applied to the fabric, forcing the needle through cloth and into the bobbin case. 

A slight pull on your sewing machine’s thread will help it remain secure in the needle, but if there isn’t enough thread tail, it will come loose quickly.

Even if you have left enough thread tails and the thread comes out from the needle, make sure to check the needle position height. If your needle position is too high, the thread will come out of it.

So always keep your needle position at medium or low height only.  And always try to start the machine slowly and don’t rush. If you run from the start, there is a good chance that the thread will come out of it.

IV. Check your footer

Your footer can also be a reason for unthreading. The metal around the hole for the needle can cause unthreading if it’s damaged or scratched.

If it has scratches and can touch the needle on its way up and down. This will probably happen if the footer is broken in that area.

If you think that your footer is damaged, you should have it replaced. Although footers are not easy to replace, you can try that. You can also try to file the footer and make it smooth to work fine.

V. Is it your bobbin case?

Another possible reason for the unthreading problem of sewing machines is the bobbin case. The needle thread passes through the upper tension discs to the bobbin case, wound around a small metal spindle, mounted on a rotating arm.

Sometimes, if your sewing machine has not been used for a long time or for other reasons like the improper winding of thread or excess pressure on it while sewing, your thread can come out from the needle.

The solution to this problem is straightforward; all you need to do is adjust or replace your bobbin case. You should also ensure that you are not applying too much pressure on your fabric while sewing.

What if none of this works?

Don’t worry if you still have problems with your sewing machine unthreading. The chances are that there is a simple solution to fix the situation shortly.

If nothing works for you, you should take your sewing machine to a repair shop. They can find a probable cause for unthreading and repair it. Always try to quote the price before they start working on the machine as it can be expensive or take a lot of time.


So we have finally seen all the possible reasons why unthreading is happening with your machine when you work. All the reasons we have listed are significant reasons for the unthreading problem.

You should try to solve the problem on your own and if the machine condition does not improve, then take it to the repair shop.

I hope you get the required information from the article.

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